Promo #5 – Otakon 2008

Promo #5 Direct Download:

We’re sharing tables with the Geek Nights people somewhere between F5 and F10 in the Otakon Artist’s Alley selling T-shirts and buttons. If you want to stop by, Noah says he’s not going to any panels this year (or something). All our panels got denied, but I felt less bad about it when Aurora Publishing couldn’t get a panel either.

Other podcasters will be there!! Including Anime World Order, Fast Karate for the Gentleman, Geek Nights, R5 Central, and the Rangercast! That’s like, half of the Otaku USA writers! I wonder if Joseph Luster will be there?!

Feel free to use my lame phone call promo on your own podcast in the next week!

Promo #4 – Summer Action Film v.2

Direct Download:

Thanks to Derek, who does this webcomic, for the remix of our action trailer!

You, too, can remix our trailer audio: you can find the raw .wav file, and a shorter version of the action promo here.

Members of the AMV community are strongly encouraged to cut AMV trailers to this promo and put them on youtube. I think the only anime with enough explosions to cover the sound effects might be Trigun, but there’s also some shuriken sounds in there.

Promo #3 – Summer Action Film

Direct Download:

This is for other podcasters to use in their shows. Clocking in at 1:15, with music by X-Ray Dog. Noah wrote the dialog.

In the promo we read an iTunes review, a portion of this LJ comment, and a piece of hatemail from a certain John M.:

i listened to most of podcast #32 and it sucked. first time i couldn’t listen to one of your podcasts to the end. playing “funny” voicemails from some 8 year old and laughing about them for ten minutes is a good way to lose listeners.

I hate all our old promos because all the other podcasters I’m friends with used them on their shows, so I had to listen to my one-note embarassing joke over and over again for months and months. I’m sure I’ll be sick of this new one soon enough.