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Ninja FAQ

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There are at least three ways to listen to our show. 1) You can listen directly through your browser, or 2) You can download our mp3s and listen to them using whatever you like to listen to mp3s with, or 3) You can subscribe to our show and have it download automatically whenever a new episode comes out. Now for a more detailed explanation:

  1. How to listen directly through your browser:
    • Just click on this:
    • That should've worked for you. You probably had to hit the "Back" button to get back to this page.
  2. How to download our mp3s directly::
    • For any episode of our show, you can right-click on this: and select "Save as" or "Save linked file". (If you're on a Mac, you can option+click.) Like so:
    • To download a bunch of episodes at once go to this page.
    • You'll see a long list of mp3s. Right-click the mp3s one at a time and select "Save as", like so:
    • Now you have a bunch of mp3s on your computer. You can open them using whatever plays mp3s, like Windows Media Player, Quicktime, iTunes, WinAmp, or whathaveyou.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribe in itunes by clicking here:

Or you can copy and paste this URL into any podcatcher:

There are also like 15 other ways to subscribe. Take a look at the main page of the feed and you'll see some of them there.

What's a Podcast?

Podcasts are basically free on-demand radio and TV shows. Although there are professional podcasts and vidcasts (video podcasts) such as podcasts put out by NPR and the BBC, but the vast majority of podcasts are produced by amatures like ourselves. Anyone can make a podcast or a vidcast!

Podcasts are different from online radio because in order to listen to an online radio station you must be connected to the internet. Podcasts are just mp3 files, so once you've downloaded them you can listen to them anywhere, like on your portable mp3 player. You don't need an ipod to listen to podcasts, you can listen to them on your computer or burn them to CDs or whatever you want. Most podcasts are free.

Here are some other explanations of what podcasts are: