Ninja Consultant Podcast Show #003 Part B

Show #003, Part B of C Direct Download:

Note that I’ve divided our road trip recording into three parts, so this is now part B of C. There’s more Otakon coverage to come, and in an upcoming show I’ll play all the parts of the Otakugeneration show(s) where they make fun of me.

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Noah’s Show Notes

Basics of Editing

Theme from Bewitched

UY Season 1 Opening

Theme from I Dream of Jeannie You can try this at home kids! I guess I shouldn’t have said it syncs “perfectly” becuase it does require some set up. If you start the theme about 32 seconds in it should sync fairly well. The opening continues for about five seconds after the theme concludes, but, you know, just ignore that.

U2 Mysterious Ways

Sailor Moon Season 2 – Look, that might not be the right opening. I’m not going to lie to you. Used to be, on the interweb, you couldn’t click a link without stumbling over a Sailor Moon opening. Now, I can’t find one. Except for this stupid RealMedia file. And let’s face it. RealMedia sucks.

Golden Boy, Bicycle Race by Queen, and the Golden Boy Bicycle Race AMV which is available for download. I hope this is the right one. Also Noah is wrong in what he says about it, and I’m right – we re-watched the scene from Golden Boy as soom as we got home to make sure.
[EDIT: the real Bicycle Race Video is here. Or the entry for it is – you can’t actually download it. But you’ll notice that the editor stresses that he DID edit the video, so Noah is still wrong.]

Definition of Folk Art – That’s not the definition I would use, but its the best definition I could find. Certainly, the term ‘folk art’ applies not only to drawing and painting, but any kind of artistic medium imaginable. Subway graffiti, self-made punk clothing, garage band flyers and even comic books cranked out by ten-year-olds all qualify as folk art. As far as we’re concerned, anime music videos fall into this category as well.

Amazon review of Golden Boy – I couldn’t find the review Erin was talking about. All the Amazon reviews I found were really positive!

Super Deformed style.

We met Ninja Cracker at Otakon, and it turned out we used up all his bandwidth for the month, which he didn’t seem to mind. So in a few days you might be able to download the video we’re reviewing here. It might be on the orgas well but I’m not sure.

Lyrics to Future Girls

Sailor Moon – Transformation Sequences – I was going to find a bunch of transformation sequences, but let’s face it: we’ve all seen these hundreds of times. Also, I couldn’t find any (although I’m sure they’re out there somewhere).

VLC Player

Kraft cheese – Actually, I don’t like Kraft cheese that much at all. However, Erin and I both eat many, many delicious types of delicious delicious cheeses. Rather than provide a hypothetical list, here’s a link to Maggie’s Cheese Blog

Londo Mollari – From Babylon 5. Matt had a Londo action figure he was very proud of, but left it in Michigan (or packed it in the trunk, I dunno). Maggie could’ve totally out-cooled the girl if she’d had a Londo action figure.



Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – After the podcast Erin reliably informed me that indeed no part of the movie; no, not even the monkey, was funny. I’m sure she’s correct.

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10 Responses to Ninja Consultant Podcast Show #003 Part B

  1. stevopants says:

    Ok, in terms of Syncronicity of stuff you can witness yourself, Check THIS out!

    Star Wars + OK COMPUTER by Radiohead (to be started when the Lucas film logo fades out)

    I thought this up and tried this out after being awake for 3 days when I was coming down/gearing up with a new anti-depressant.
    I know how Erin HATES OK Computer, but hey! It WORKS! I tried it out again a few weeks ago, and it works beautifully.

    • Actually OK Computer is my favorite Radiohead album. I recognize that The Bends is really good, but it’s too depressing for me to listen to anymore. I absolutely hate hate hate Kid A and will never listen to Radiohead again after that bullshit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think a problem with some AMVs now is TOO MUCH syncing to the beat. There’s this Hellsing video set to E.S. Posthumus’ song “Pompeii” (trailer music for the first Spider-Man) and it gives me a headache to watch, but got a very high rating.

    There’s more Otakon coverage to come, and in an upcoming show I’ll play all the parts of the Otakugeneration show(s) where they make fun of me.

    That’s good, ’cause I don’t want to listen to their entire hour and a half show.

  3. New to your podcast

    Hey guys, first time listener. Fun stuff, keep it up.

    • Re: New to your podcast

      OMG I like Sgt. Frog! But I feel like I’m the only person who does. Except for that person who did an AMV to the show for Anime Expo.

      Glad you like he show! Be sure to download the older episodes if you haven’t already.

  4. pts says:

    You know, I dig the show, more or less; it’s nice to know I’m not the only grizzled, embittered post-otaku out there.

    But Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was awesome. I will brook no argument on this point. No argument.


    • I’m not sure Noah is post-otaku… but he is bitter. He’s not JUST bitter about anime, though. You should hear him talk about furniture craftsmanship, for example.

      We can all learn something about bitter fans from “Fanboy Bebop”, which was excellent AND WHY WON’T THE MAKERS DISTRIBUTE IT SOMEHOW?!! AUUUUGGGHHH!!!

      Additionally, you’re allowed to give Jay an Silent Bob Strike Back a rating of: “Shut up! This is awesome!” as some movies simply deserve that rating, like Steamboy. I’ve heard Jay and Silent Bob have invaded Degrassi Junior High in their next straight-to-DVD production. I guess Kevin Smith had a long way to fall.

      • pts says:

        Fanboy Bebop? I’m not familiar with this.

        Regarding “Shut up! This is awesome!” — that’s the best rating ever. Call it Fan Fiat.

        I thought Jay & Bob were done for? They’re going straight to video? Man… I mean, I loved “Strikes Back,” but only insofar as that was the end. Ah well.

        You guys should talk about Otogi Zoshi. It makes the Heian History and Literature dork inside me all giggly.

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