Manga Recon Show #009: Schedule of a Weekly MangaKa

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OP & ED: Theme from Blazing Transfer Student, “Blazing Transfer Student” by Toshihiko Seki.

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Manga Adaptations Discussion:
– Haruhi Suzumiya
– InuKami
– .hack//XXXX
– Gurren Lagan

– Family Complex has a great description of eye surgery, couched in a very boring regular story. Here’s my review.

– Peach Pit was hospitalized recently
– Who is Kazuo Koike?

Dai Gaku Manga
Published by: The Osaka Institute of Art

Burning Pen! Screaming Pen! Blue Flame!
by Kazuhiko Shimamoto

Blog post about the horizontal gutters being wider than the vertical gutters in manga.

I was talking about good and bad paneling examples from One Pound Gospel and S.A.. I can’t find the S.A. example, but here’s a nice sequence from One Pound Gospel:

Then on the next page:

Mr. X talks about Mampu

Hikaru No Go paneling where the “camera” is placed below the board. In this sequence, Akira is playing Go on the internet.

I mention the School of Visual Arts. (Pratt is also good.)

Unimpressive art in an autobiographical comic that made all the critics’ top ten lists:

In Japan, a bad run is a circulation of 50,000. In the U.S. a great circulation for manga is 5,000 – even though we’ve got four times the population.

The Yasha Craig Ape is from Grappler Baki.

Link to AWO’s coverage of Lady Snowblood. It’s at 37:28 – 57:52 in their show.

Kochikame has been around forever!

What are ikimen?


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13 Responses to Manga Recon Show #009: Schedule of a Weekly MangaKa

  1. animulder says:

    OK I know the life of a comic book artist/manga artist isn’t exactly exciting, but DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN. i feel like a lazy artist now.

  2. shawaazu says:

    The only thing I think I’ve ever learned about manga pages is that the section in which the non-panels (not sure what to call this) are black instead of white/colourless usually denotes that it’s a flashback.

  3. re_love says:

    Dude, I love how the anonymous manga author’s name is still on the sheet. In English. It took me two seconds to look him up too. Better go blur that out.

    (Sorry, spelling is horrible due to faulty keyboard.)

  4. lostphrack says:

    I dug the dissecting of panel layouts, gutters and more. That’s always some fun stuff to hear and read about. It’s also really fun when you come across creator who really wants to play around with the form and the different things you can do with it. Good stuff.

  5. From experiences I had with SVA’s comic teachers they did use manga for some examples, and it isn’t really frowned upon or necessarily condoned.

    I really like the art from that autobiographical comic actuallly.

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