Show #69 – The Wedding Episode

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OP: Major Tom (Coming Home) by Peter Schilling
ED: Paul Simon sings Scarborough Fair on the muppet show (featuring Miss Piggy), and the relevant excerpt of Scarborough Affair by Scooter

This episode does not have anything to do with:


But those shows are on their way.

  • Erin went to Japan!
  • Remember when we got engaged??? That was over a year ago!  Well, now we’re getting married… in Zero-G.
  • But it’s not like some impossible task, like in the song Scarborough Fair
  • We will be the first couple to get married in zero gravity!
    • …or one of two couples if the Canadians go up with us.
  • Right now it looks as if our wedding will be JUNE 13 JUNE 20th, 2009!

Which we have been planning, which is why Erin went to Japan…

to get this dress from Eri Matsui:

How does the zero-g work?
Look at this:

It’s like a roller coaster!

As seen here:

We are selling things! But first —

We pitched Whose Wedding is it Anyway? On the Style network. But… they turned us down.

So. We are selling things. Like these things:

  • iPod Touch
  • Kindle II
  • Yaoi
  • "Disappointing" (non-pornographic) Code Geas dojinshi

Do you want to come to our wedding? If you want to, maybe you can!

Or, if you want to give us a wedding gift — you can do it here.

Wedding stuff email address:

…and, in Japan, Erin also bought 24 cologne for Dave Riley.

"Take risk! Be sexy!"

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17 Responses to Show #69 – The Wedding Episode

  1. negativeq says:


    And the dress looks incredible on you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The dress looks gorgeous on you! I’ll be sure to put in my donation to the cause ^_^

    I support Noah’s decision not to join Facebook. I think people who decide not to join in on those things should stick to their guns.


  3. exedore says:

    Proof that any woman, no matter how nerdy, will turn into an all-consuming Bridezilla.

  4. rosesquirrel says:

    My families calls Glumkis “porcupine balls”–which is actually less appetizing than “glumki.”

  5. ipod touch! kindle! i’m interested in those, potentially (based on price).

  6. Anonymous says:


    It has being a while since I listen to you guys, about a year but I am glad you guys are getting married. Yours is truly a Zero-G love 😀
    By the way I am Erwin Rosales, the peeplo from AWO now me 😛

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bundles of Money

    Guys, if I have to sell my body on the street for you, I’ll do what I can. I’ve done it before.

    Other methods to raise cash quickly, based purely on ideas I’ve gotten from movies:

    – bikini car wash
    – bikini football game
    – bikini backyard wrestling
    – selling cream pies with nude photo on bottom of plate
    – selling bogus medicinal elixirs (while wearing bikini)
    – stay overnight in eccentric millionaire’s haunted mansion

    These are just a very few of my extremely good ideas.


  8. shawaazu says:

    Congrats on the wedding.

    A photo of you two on the plane found its way on an Australian news site =)

  9. emsariel says:

    The BNFs who had their laptop(s) stolen were and .


  10. Anonymous says:

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