Show #103 – Steve Harrison Rambling in a Mall (you can really hear the mall)

Show #103 – Direct Download:

OP: Symphonic Suite Yamato
INT: Various Gundam eyecatches
ED: Giant Gorg OP

Here we interview Steve Harrison, one of the grand old men of [American] anime [fandom]. (Although, honestly, I don’t think he’s that old.) We were fooled into thinking this would be a good idea by Daryl Surat, who claimed Steve Harrison was his future self, but not himself from the future. Apparently in the future Daryl grows a beard and learns how to be polite and charming.

The sound quality is extremely poor, as I brought a USB to XLR adapter that decided to not work with my laptop, so we would up recording using the laptop speaker and my iphone, and then I mixed the two sources together, slowly and painfully over several months, as they kept going out of sync. You can really hear every chair scraping the floor in the mall, and the occasional piece of food court muzak.

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6 Responses to Show #103 – Steve Harrison Rambling in a Mall (you can really hear the mall)

  1. tochiro998 says:

    Well, I’m glad to see this! I never heard back from you guys, was the trip to that store successful and pleasing? 🙂

    • Oh crap! Didn’t I write you a nice email after that? Maybe it’s still sitting in “Drafts”. Things got really busy at work in January, so it probably slipped my mind.

      That store was great!

  2. tochiro998 says:

    Well, that turned out pretty good! Thanks guys, excellent job of editing!

    Now I await the hate mail and death threats. 🙂

  3. guyhatesyou says:

    Wait Steve had a beard now?

    • tochiro998 says:

      Sometimes, kind of. I get tired of scraping the hair off my face and let it go for a few days, then it gets to be too much effort to deal with so I let it go.

      However, for Christmas I got myself a nice little trimmer/shaper and I’ve been trying to clean it up more, even doing the goatee thing. Not sure I like it. I just don’t know what to do that doesn’t make me either a ‘neckbeard’ or some kind of rape-eyes perv.

      Maybe I do need some ‘Grecian Formula’, but I LIKE the respect my snow-white with gray hair gives me. I look….elder.

      Now if it got me the chicks… 🙂

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