Ninja Consultant is Leaving Livejournal; Seeking WordPress Designer

After many years, I've decided to stop using Livejournal and switch to WordPress. This might mean a feed change, but I'm not sure yet.

In the interim, I'm looking for someone to make a nice WordPress theme for the page.  Not for free, but I don't have a huge budget, either, so think flat fee and not an hourly rate.  Email ninjaconsultant (at) gmail if you're interested.

Things I'm hoping the migration will solve:

  1. You'll be able to see old episodes in the feed, instead of just two or three episode.
  2. A better search function.  It's freaking impossible to search through old livejournal entries.
  3. Not owned by Russians.
  4. Less comment spam…?

I'm not all that fond of WordPress either, but I know how to use it, and there's a Livejournal migration tool.

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4 Responses to Ninja Consultant is Leaving Livejournal; Seeking WordPress Designer

  1. tochiro998 says:

    Sorry you feel the need to do that. I really don’t understand why people up and leave and go to another blog site and then stop posting THERE and leave and go to another….

    I mean, OK, I get it, Russians. If that’s the MAIN reason then it’s something tangible and philosophical and stuff.

    But otherwise it always seems to come down to “this isn’t the popular place to hang out anymore and I’m not getting the attention I want and whaa whaaa hwaaawaaa” and man, I don’t get it. Use it, don’t use it, but don’t expect it to be a life changing event, right? It’s just a tool of communication.

    Maybe I’m lucky. I rarely get spammed (and kill it instantly), I haven’t had any drama with LJ itself, it’s been a fairly smooth time. Of course Dave did have to kick my butt and get me started so that’s on me. I’m not worried about how many people are reading my stuff, I honestly don’t care. LJ is just a place for me to say things that may be important to me and likely nobody else. It works just fine for that.

    But, you want other things and LJ isn’t working for that. It’s cool. Good luck and have fun! See ya around 🙂

    • The serious lack of search functionality and inability to have old episodes on the podcast feed are the main issues. I had to manually browse to find our Black Lagoon episode yesterday through 20 pages of stupid calendar crap…

      It’s not because LJ isn’t “cool”… LJ was never cool.

  2. GhostOfSide3 says:

    Oooh. Aah.
    I assume this is the wordpress already. Site looks completely different from when I last visited it.
    Good that you guys are going to let us be able to listen to the old episodes still because I’ve been listening to old episodes of you guys, AnimeWorldOrder, and a few others. Funny you mention the navigation because trying to get around Live Journal is pretty baffling. It’s design is very.. old school internet.
    Unfortunately, I’m not much of a web designer. My personal WordPress blog is pretty minimalist in design.
    Welp, I can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

  3. erinf says:

    This is only a Test

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