Show #017 – Suzuka and Doki Doki School Hours (1st Episodes Only)

Show #017 Direct Download:

No show notes yet, check back later.

That voicemail number, again, is: 206-203-ERIN.

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11 Responses to Show #017 – Suzuka and Doki Doki School Hours (1st Episodes Only)

  1. yo! fix your main site!!! LOL!

  2. Yo’ Mama Gets More Action than Mata Hari

    Wait, what was that rap at the end? It was so awsome. Especially in the light that I have recently aquired all kinds of mad Atari emulators and games on my computer.

    • Re: Yo’ Mama Gets More Action than Mata Hari

      It is the “Mama Rap” by the now defunct comedy group “The Dead Alewives”. It must’ve come out circa 1990 guessing by the TV show references. She watches “Almost Live“? Apparently that’s where Bill Nye got his start.

      Space Ace was the game which most accurately represented what I though video games had ought to look like. Unfortunately it was exceedingly difficult to play. I’m just glad some visionary thought the same thing as me about video games at the same time.

  3. naniwa says:

    Ahhh, loved the thoughts on Otaku stats.
    I think otaku in whatever form – train, baseball, manga… – tend to want to know everything about what they obsess over.

    MangaCast is Type O, a Leo and loves to eat curry by the way (just in case anyone is keeping podcast stats) 🙂

    • Ah! We also need to know the MangCast’s height in centimeters, if possible!

      Erin is type O, but she is not sure if she is negative or positive, while Noah is the rarest type, whichever one that is.

    • We here at Ninjaconsultant eat curry as much as possible, btw, and have found that beef works dauntingly better to make the sauce thicken, no matter how much healthier chicken happens to be!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The song

    What is the name of the cute song was near the end? (something like tachicoma….) I want to download it. Its so cute! ^o^

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