Show #018a – Oscar Predictions, 5th Graders, Doves May Cry

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I’m sure Noah will fix up these show notes later:

Intro: Berserk Intro (Kono sekkai wa…), Pocky song from website.
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  • Rented from Greencine or

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Other Podcast Promos/Stuff:

  • Happie Random podcast – now called the “Randomization” podcast. Asarakun is in 6th grade, FYI.
  • Weekly Anime Review
  • Happy Hentai Podcast
  • Anime World Order
  • Anime Pulse

End Music: From Bleach and Prince, in Erin’s crappy mashup. Call our voicemail: 206-203-ERIN with your reaction, complaints, etc.

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17 Responses to Show #018a – Oscar Predictions, 5th Graders, Doves May Cry

  1. Yay a new podcast! So you have an interesting wide arrange of listeners. How do you feel about shaping the minds of many young people out there! And shame on you… Terms of Endearment was a great movie! Moved me to tears! Well maybe I’m just a sensitive ninja. And yeah Bleach is a pretty typical Shonen show, but for some reason i just cant stop watching it…. hmmmm. I think its becuase it does all the typical things a shonen title does but in an entertaining way , i dunno i am babbling now. Been on this mission waaay to long. need to go outside and stuff…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hooray! You Mentioned me!

    Thanks so much for mentioning me!
    -HappieRandom’s soaring_crane111(asakura_kun)

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Hooray! You Mentioned me!

      ^_^ Me too! (I am Jamie) If you happen to register to gaiaonline, I am Naturegirl, so please drop me a message, Erin and Noah. I am working on getting you a Ninja headband! ^_~

  3. faxpaper says:


    this has to be my favorite one of your podcasts…but the whole “happy hentai” promo thing kinda threw me off…yeah watch out for those stalkers…

    p.s. im one of those “high school” listeners…

  4. pts says:

    Noah, you need to come to Honolulu so we can go to the bar — I’m thinking Jazz Minds on Kapiolani — and complain about how things were way better before these kids and their “digisubs” and their “consistent character designs” and their “well-funded animation.”


    (KOR Rules.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back & congratulations!

    Congratulations on surviving your move (oh, how I hate those!!!)

    I’m glad to see there’s a part “b” to this podcast. It seemed so unlike you two to end so suddenly the way the part “a” did and I was thinking to myself, uh oh, I guess their computer kit got trashed during their move. 🙁

    Best wishes!

  6. ltsk says:

    I thought your aural comparison of the sh!tacular “Bleach” song and Prince’s “When Doves Cry” was super-awesome. How can the theme be so awesome when Prince is using it, yet so awful when whoever did the “Bleach” song used it? Oh, right. It’s music for anime, which is generally sucky, but especially so for shounen, for some reason. You don’t have to respond to that. In fact, don’t respond to any of this. I’m really not worthy. Anyway, thank you for playing old-school Prince, as old-school Prince was the sh!t.

    On “Bleach,” well, I’m not certain I should comment, as I’ve only read the manga, but I will, anyway, because this is the internet, which is where people are supposed to share their ill-formed yet strident opinions for no good reason and with little consideration for the poor readers. I think the reason why I like the manga so much may be because I’m not generally drawn to shounen (due to art style, mostly) so I’m not be bored with some of the shounen memes used in Bleach yet. Also, the art style is very interesting (and, to me, appealing). I haven’t watched the anime simply because I can’t imagine it being as good as the manga. From what I’ve seen of some of the animation, the art, at least, isn’t as interesting. Have you guys read the manga? Are you just as bored with that?

    • I tend to agree about the Bleach manga – I’ve read only through volume 4 of the official translations, but it is immediately more striking in style and tone than the anime manages.

      And I’m glad someone appreciated my When Doves Cry comparison. I think very few people are old enough to appreciate both Prince and Bleach. Wait, I hate Prince!

      • ltsk says:

        Prince is visiting my eldest sister on the Columbia U. campus when I was a kid and her super-cool friends and her super-cool self. I had some major big-sister worship going on when I was in elementary school.

        I’ve read the scanlations of the manga, which has been a very interesting read in terms of characters and plot. Also, I really love the art. Since the “fairies” seem to come out of nowhere in the anime, I imagine the anime isn’t half as good as the manga.

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who is completely perplexed by the popularity of Naruto. God, that show was annoying. Is the manga any better?

        • ltsk says:

          That first sentence makes no sense. I meant the idea of Prince and his music, not Prince himself.

          I’m so damned tired.

          • I thought the first sentence made sense. I also think that the Naruto anime is good from episode 30-90 or so. The manga is supposed to be much better.

          • ltsk says:

            I have to admit, I didn’t give Naruto a chance past episode five. I was getting to the point where I wanted every single character to suffer deep and abiding pain, so I figured I’d quit.

          • All of the lead characters suck. The good characters aren’t even introduced until episode 32 or so.

  7. GhostOfSide3 says:

    Props to those kids recording their podcast on the playground during recess. That is insane.

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