Show #020b – Errors and Feedback, Part 2 – Show 19a, What the Hell Was That?

Show #020b – Errors and Feedback, Part 2 – Show 19a, What the Hell Was That?

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  • Matsuri Con is in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. No, we won’t be there.
  • Some guy from the RDF Underground Podcast called.

    $50 table + 30 badge Anime Central = $80
    $60 table + 50 badge Otakon = $110
    $20 table + 40 badge Anime Boston = $60 and tables sold out in 5 minutes.
  • The Baka Song from Ranma 1/2, specifically from the 1991 Song Calendar CD.
  • More complaints about Show 19a
  • Definition of otaku. Otakon is otaku + convention.
  • Ichigo is from Anime Pulse.
  • The Future of Team 7 fanart
  • My letter to Ichigo:

    > Other people made those assumptions and Rachael Ann didn’t clarify well and everyone
    > just jumped on the OMGZ wagon. I just watched the whole thing going
    > “why is everyone making such a big deal about this, they aren’t
    > banning fanart, can’t they read?”.

    This is actually an understandable position, but it’s sort of like
    Rachel Ann said “I am not banning fan art” on one hand, and on the
    hand said, “Absolutely no drawings of characters whom you don’t own
    the rights to or have permission to use, unless it’s a parody
    (conditionally allowed).” Since all fan art contains characters that
    someone else owns the rights to, that would essentially ban 90% of all
    fan art, even if she didn’t use the term “fan art”.

    It was also shocking because it was such a departure from 10+ years of
    being very lenient on the den of copyright infringement that is
    Artist’s Alley, and it raised a lot of eyebrows like – why is it OK
    for the Japanese to have Comiket but that’s not OK here, even though
    the copyright laws are very similar? Under Otakon’s preliminary
    rules, American-made doujin, even though there’s so little of it
    anyway, would all be disallowed. Eventually they back-pedalled and
    are allowing practically everything so long as you don’t bring more
    than 20 copies of any one thing.

    That’s compared to last year where a friend of mine sold something
    like 150 to 300 prints this:

    “The Future of Team 7”. It’s way cool, it’s drawn in her own style,
    it’s not copied directly from any existing source, it sells out at
    whatever con she takes it to – under the preliminary policy that sort
    of thing would not be allowed at all (it’s not “parody”) – and thus,
    the OMGZ reaction of the internet. Under the official policy, at
    this year’s Otakon only 20 people can get nice color printouts. Last
    year she ended up going to Kinkos twice. The example above is what
    people go to Artist’s Alley to buy (in this country) – and suddenly
    the most popular sort of art was going to be banned.

    And it’s all the Otakon madness that made Anime Boston’s art tables
    sell out in 5 minutes. They only cost $20 and allow any kind of art
    in any quantity.

  • Anime Boston‘s Artist Alley sold out in 5 minutes. Probably because of East Coast fan-artists who found their policies very preferable over Otakon’s, and also it costs a lot less to get in and go there.
    We were on the waiting list, and thats creative squeezing we got in! Yay!
  • Daryl is from Anime World Order
  • Krusty: I don’t know how to thank you kids.
    Bart: That’s all right, Krusty.
    Lisa: We’re getting fifty percent of the T-shirt sales.
    Krusty: The T-shirt sales! That’s the sweetest plum!
    from show #9F19, Krusty Gets Kancelled
  • Nan Desu Kan is in Colorado.
  • Noah phrases of the day:
    • “Unless you’re some kind of a stuck-up stickybeak…”
  • We’re thiiiinking about going to Anime Weekend Atlanta
  • Yes, the end music is from the Benny Hill show. It’s called “Yakkity Sax”. And Noah insisted we play it for this episode.
  • The Chibi Project apparently blew the head off Sailor Venus recently.
  • Daryl is wrong about today being Good Friday, which was last Friday. He recommends this CD for birthday people. But uh… I think only my friend Rick would like it.
  • Daryl also calls me a hipster – although I do wear a lot of hipster T-shirts I’d like to argue that although hipsters like to knit, it’s nerds who knit themselves Dr. Who scarves. I’m too unskilled to knit, so I had to purchase my Dr. Who scarf. I didn’t talk about Dr. Who in this episode at all, so this is getting off topic, but I’d like to say that I really enjoyed Barty Crouch Jr. as the new doctor. Hey Jefferson, what did you think of him? I think you left us Skype mail but I forgot to play it.
  • Promo: The R5 Central guy finally heard of my show. I totally knew about his show, but I’ve never listened to it.
  • Someone sent me this totally sweet birthday fan art:

It’s Rock Lee!!! My favorite!!1 Here are my favorite Naruto characters in order:

1. Rock Lee
2. Temari
3. Gaara
4. Hinata
5. Tsunade

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25 Responses to Show #020b – Errors and Feedback, Part 2 – Show 19a, What the Hell Was That?

  1. pdelahanty says:

    I’m glad you got my brief Chibi Project voice mail.
    I called from work as a brief moment of escape from the insanity.

    • Didn’t you talk about the Chibi Project on some other podcast? I’ve certainly heard audio about it somewhere.

      Be sure to say hi to us at AB!! Maybe we should get you on Skype sometime.

      • pdelahanty says:

        Didn’t you talk about the Chibi Project on some other podcast?

        Nope. If someone else talked about it, that’s news to me.

        Actually, I might have mentioned it in the first Anime Boston podcast. I forget. That was a long time ago.

        Anyway, I’ll definitely seek you out at AB.

        Happy birfday.

  2. thecomicman says:

    wait, when did you post 19b? i’m confused, i can’t find it on iTunes.

  3. kimiden says:

    Heh, the “R5 Central Guy”. My new custom title 😛

  4. thecomicman says:

    hey, iTunes says they can’t find your show. is there something wrong?

  5. Anonymous says:


    Hi I love your podcast, you guys rock. I’m Holly btw ‘Cause I don’t have a livejournal but I want to pass on a message quickly anyway 0.o

    I’m actually going to start making a podcast with my friends tommorow at break with the help of our school camera man 0.o (that’ll be crazy) I was wondering if there was any tips you guys could give us seems as we love your podcast so much.

    Thanks I could rant alot more about stuff but I like things short and simple XD

    • Re: Woot!

      Sure, here are some tips:

      • Get the best sound quality you possibly can – don’t use your computer’s built-in mic.
      • Don’t play music with lyrics in the background while your hosts are talking over it.
      • In fact, be sure to reduce the volume of any music you play, because your sound isn’t going to be as good as a recording studio’s, so any commercial or professional music will sound extra loud on your show.
      • Try to have a topic for every show.
      • For the love of god, edit. We don’t need to hear every cough, every pause, and every “Oh, um, gee, uhhh…”

      That’s about all!

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Woot!

        Wow thanks alot ^_^ and we are doing the video (now omg the lies it’s supposed to be an english media project) in our school studio XD so it should be pretty good. And I’ll tell you when it’s all done and running so for now cya and I’ll keep lsitening to your Uber cool shows ^.^
        Holly (Sakura/Charlotte said thanks too)

  6. Anonymous says:

    i love gaara!=:{)

    well while every ones talking i just wanted to say i love gaara!!!!!!!!!!< ^^> tee hee!

  7. Anonymous says:

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