Show 21b – High School Girls & Ergo Proxy

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Projects I’m plugging:

Draw Inuyasha and Vash the Stampede riding a chocobo and email it to us at I’ll collect them all into a mini-comic eventually.

Falling/Losing Stars of Manga, or the Rising Stars of Manga Refugees project. Collecting comics that lost the RSOM contest. Eventually we’ll put out a book of our own.

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9 Responses to Show 21b – High School Girls & Ergo Proxy

  1. I thought that that health test thing you mentioned was something new, but after looking at the website with the picture of the person stretching, I think I have a vague memory of doing that. Though at time time I couldn’t have done a single pull-up.

    I agree if Ali hasn’t comically fallen upon another person in an anime style, then no one you know has.

    • QUOTE: I agree if Ali hasn’t comically fallen upon another person in an anime style, then no one you know has.


  2. pdelahanty says:

    Heh… I think I really captured your features well:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Inuyasha IS the worst show ever!

    I have just today stumbled upon your podcast, and i was surprised to find out that you guys talked about me, my Inuyasha shirt, and my over flow yaoi panel (if you can call it that). Keep up the good work, and if you guys are going to be at Otakon this year we should get together and have crazy adventures! If you would like to send me a message, my AIM name is TMNT356.

  4. naniwa says:

    Oh man I cannot rave enough about High School Girls. Glad to hear you like it.

    • naniwa says:

      Oh and a bit about Oshima Towa, the mangaka for HGS, she is a hentai artist who has gone mainstream since she partnered with her assistant Oshima Tomo (since 2005 the two have become Oshima Towa). So the audience is actually otaku in Japan.

      Now in the States the audience is all over the place. My GF loves this series because of the all girl high element. But then so do guys because of the racy nature. Oshima’s hentai background really frames those etchi moments well so the fanservice fans are pleased with this as well. Really happy to see DrMaster announce the latest volume for nov 06.

  5. Anonymous says:

    use this if nessesary!

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