Show 22a – Anime Boston 2006 Part 1 – Your First Con Experience!

Show #022a Direct Download:

Music: From the winning AMV of Anime Boston 2006, by the Italian AMV creator Marisa Panaccio used the song “Håll Om Mig” by the Swedish singer Nanne Grönvall set to the often-over-looked-except by Shojou fans series Princess Tutu.

This AMV makes Princess Tutu look like an even better show than it actually is (after 8 or 9 episodes it really picks up).

Marisa has made other noteable AMVs, this one played at AX last year and this one makes Witch Hunter Robin look more action-tastic than it actually is.

Did you miss Anime Boston? Never been to an anime convention? You can listen to some past panel recordings and policy thingies and such on the Anime Boston Podcast or you can listen to some of Anime Pulse’s panel recordings.

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Other crap we talked about:

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8 Responses to Show 22a – Anime Boston 2006 Part 1 – Your First Con Experience!

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah! more con stuff

    this was such a funny show. was it the introduction to culture or the interpretation of the public. just so funny!! thanks!!

    Las Vegas went through the whole famlification, too. that’s why there’s Star Trek the casino.

  2. Re: Great Episode!

    Well, do you want me to save you a T-shirt for Otakon…? Or send it before then.

    If you go to Otakon, it will be awesome, as like, all the podcaster-people will be there. AWO, WARP, and yes, even Otakugeneration. I think AnimePulse is sending their East Coast Correspondent

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anime conventions are a dark sanctuary of decay

    (Daryl Surat)

    That faceless man with the single, enlarged eye. The Fink. Reinhardt Streiber and the Nazi Operateers. The Cheese Party Suicide Circle.

    These Broken Phantoms are the TRUE mainstays of the so-called “anime convention,” the term being but a cover to disguise the dark ritualistic child sex slave rings which operate under the Protect Wall given by the name. The unsuspecting public knows nothing of THE TRUTH, choosing instead to be satisfied with the idea of dropping off their 7th grade daughters for three days, with only a box of Glico, Glico, G…LI…CO’S chocolate dipped pretzels and a backpack containing either a frying pan, a plastic Hikari ni Nare mallet, or a Buster Sword to supervise them. What moral compass do these pockywraiths follow? Only the ring finger knows.

    The collected letters of the Smith-in-Exile reveal that, upon trying to unleash the power of the Ultimate Eye, a dark wave of blight did sweep across the land, and the sun–long a source of amusement–turned against sentients, sending poisonous radiation to guarantee that your pre-teen daughter’s anime collection consisted of several volumes worth of Gravitation and Fake. All these hidden TRUTHS of anime must be guarded most carefully by a secret world order, lest all of existence cease to be and fandom devolve to a miring, sweaty mass of sweat and body parts commanded by the will of Stevie B. Moe burgers for all.

    But there is a brethren and betrayer among the Keepers, one who would slowly but surely reveal these dread secrets of anime conventions to all who would see for the sake of accelerating entropy so that they may be unmade. Stock shots of Vietnam, intercut with chicks in jam. Plate smash on a checkered floor. A clown runs out a flaming door. What’s the purpose? What’s the point? We don’t really know. Just light the torches, cue the pigeons, and…let the midget go.

    The other day, a Misa Misa cosplayer tried to pen my name in the dead book. Silly Dusties. You can’t kill me. “私は死んでいる既に.”

    • Re: Anime conventions are a dark sanctuary of decay

      Yes, thanks for that Daryl.

      Part two of our Anime Boston coverage is everything that was not parents saying how great and kid-friendly anime cons are. Instead it’s stories about Cthulhu getting it on with Buddy Christ, and a girl leading her 8-year-old sister around on a leash.

      I heard your latest podcast btw.

      I can only assume from “私は死んでいる既に.” and Excite’s online translation device, which says “Dead..already.” that you must be quoting Fist of the North Star. “You are already dead!”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Arada’s making a comment

    I’d have ti say thanks, thanks, and more thanks. You guys are truly awesome. Thank you Noah for pronouncing my name right and correcting Erin. Sorry about the Hobo thing, I think I was high on sugar when I said that. Which I probably was. Here is a random picture I feel like giving you to. I have no idea why.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who listens to what music?

    Hello. Good day
    Who listens to what music?
    I Love songs Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton

  6. Anonymous says:

    One more masterpiece!

    Awesom cant wait to share with the world my exictment on new Harry Potter movie! Recomended highly!

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