Show #36 – Live From Comiket 71

Show #036 Direct Download:

Music in this episode: “Hiji Suru STYLE,” from the album “samurai champloo music records ‘impression'”.

“Kimi No Mama De” by by Emi Motoda, from Comic Party.

“My Pace Daioh” by manzo, from Genshiken

Our Pictures of Comiket

We realize that the audio quality is extremely poor in this recording. We were using our new trio, and talked way too close to the mic, and didn’t test it first, yadda yadda. I’ve been unpacking from the trip and trying to fix the audio for two weeks, and this is the best I can do.

You can read more about Comiket here at wikipedia, or by watching Genshiken or Comic Party – see the links above. Additionally, Ed Chavez of the MangaCast did some (far superior) recordings at comiket: Day One, Day Two, Day Three, and he’s written more about it here.

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8 Responses to Show #36 – Live From Comiket 71

  1. naniwa says:

    Doujin should very well be the national hobby Noah. But the truth is food based variety shows is the national pastime!

  2. dil_masaniya says:

    Clarification sought

    Very cool. I enjoyed both the report from Comiket and the description of the festival. Mochi and Sake, YUMM!

    What was the name of the show you were looking at Doujins for when the guy gave Noah the thumbs up? The sound got distorted just as you were saying it and I couldn’t make it out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back! And ready NinjaConsultant cutting hyper mega beam!

    Hey Guys! Welcome back! Loving the new episode and the audio sounded fine to me. Trying to imagine row after row of FMA doujin but it’s not happening. Also I’d recommend looking on Yahoo for RPG stuff from Japan. But I’d recommend finding someone whos read the katakana because Google translate doesn’t help at all.


  4. Anonymous says:

    A big room of just FMA doujin? =:O

    Say, did you guys ever hear your roles in the Anime World Order one year anniversary surprise? I thought Erin really stole the show!

    I hope you do more of those. ^_^

    • Yes I did listen to that! I am so punching Gerald next time I see him. Note that these were the lines they gave us:


      Old Man: The nets! The nets!

      [Grunting effects from fighting, specifically being punched in the stomach (we just need the vocal effect)]

      [Man yelling (no actual words, just indistinct yelling)]

      Old Man: The guards take turns during the night. As they’re switching, it leaves the entrance unguarded for a few minutes


      [Woman inhaling and exhaling from swimming]

      Woman: OH NO!

      [Woman screaming]

      Women: Is there s-someone who can h-help us?

      Women: I think it’s best to build a fire.

      Women: I’m not sure telling the guards that is going to work.

      Women: Ohh [Fainting sound]

      Women: Aaaahh!

      [Woman screams]

      Women: [Gasps]

      Women: [grunting sound (again, being punched in the stomach)]

      Women: [sigh, (sound of relief)]

      Women: [sounds of women running very fast]

      Woman: That’s why I won’t leave you the rest of my life.

      Woman: You violated the rules of this dojo.

      Women: If you see me by the river and alone, then I can no longer be with the clan.

      Women: Why is that?

      Women: If there is any other man, besides Hanzo leading us, our follows will swiftly abandon us.

      Women: You’re the only one I have now.

      Women: [gasp in surprise]

      Women: [sound of women jumping at someone and grabbing their neck with both her hands]

      Women: [sound associated with burying corpse.]

      Women: [sound tired from burying corpse]

      Woman: You’re with me. I’m scared of losing you.

      Woman: Akuya.

      Woman: Yes.

      Women: [sound of kissing]

  5. arada says:


    Wow, a very interesting but short show. Can’t wait for the nexxt one, and hope Noahs feeling better.

    Erin, I bought you manga, but I read it and liked it so much I couldn’t let go of it, sorry. ><

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