Show #41 – Takarazuka (repost)

Show #041 Direct Download:

There was a problem with the link to the file last week and the show never turned up in iTunes, so this is a repost of the same show again. Sorry for the confusion! (Show notes here.

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2 Responses to Show #41 – Takarazuka (repost)

  1. dutch130 says:

    in one of those past shows

    you talked about plastic food. nathan and i were in a japanese restaurant supply store here in SF and saw some!!


    we instantly thought of you two and giggled to ourselves. if you want any, we can send you some.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Hi!!! I really enjoyed your program about the Takarazuka, but I was kind of hoping you would talk about “The Rose of Versailles” (from Riyoko Ikeda, both manga and anime) that was (it still is) performed by them, and it is a huge hit… If you haven’t seen it or heard about it, I strongly recomend it, because it has the Takarazuka “thing” (of the romance)… I hope in the future you could talk about that anime *_* thanks 4 reading this 😀

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