Show #54 – AWA AWO Panel with Daryl Surat and Paul Chapman

Show #054 Direct Download:

OP: “Born” by Miwako Okuda, the opening theme from Le Chevalier D’Eon
ED: “Over Night” by Aya, the end theme from Le Chevalier D’Eon

Noah and I announce our plans for New York Anime Festival which is next weekend: December 7th, 8th, and 9th.

Recorded live at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2007, (Erin’s con report here), this was originally scheduled as Anime World Order’s podcasting panel, but we filled in along with Paul “Fear the Gooberzilla” Chapman from The Greatest Movie Ever Podcast. We mostly gossip about AWO, and briefly review Le Chevalier D’Eon. Noah makes fun of the state of academic writing. I hope he’s prepared to defend himself in academic papers.

Our T-shirts are still for sale, by the way! Email ninjaconsultant @ gmail . com – $12 for U.S. orders, $14 international, and if you’re attending NYAF, they’re just $10. Buttons of the same design are just 25 cents each, plus 41 cents postage.

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16 Responses to Show #54 – AWA AWO Panel with Daryl Surat and Paul Chapman

  1. Anonymous says:

    From the Field Notes of Daryl Surat (Podcaster, Historian):

    An otaku who is never coached with cosplay may never develop an ability to imagine. To him, nothing exists except the literal and tangible. An otaku who is disillusioned abruptly, by his peers or siblings, being ridiculed for his faith and imagination, may choose never to believe in anything–tangible or intangible–again. To never trust or wonder.

    But an otaku who relinquishes the illusions of [not just] cosplay, [but also] anime music videos and the Dread Spectre of Moe, that otaku may come away with the most important skill set. That otaku may recognize the strength of his own imagination and faith. He will embrace the ability to create his own reality. That otaku becomes his own authority. He determines the nature of his world. His own vision. And by doing so, by the power of his example, he determines the reality of the other two types: those who can’t imagine, and those who can’t trust.

    • Re: From the Field Notes of Daryl Surat (Podcaster, Historian):

      So what the hell kind of otaku am I?

      • pts says:

        Re: From the Field Notes of Daryl Surat (Podcaster, Historian):

        As the arbiters of fan culture, it falls to the Otaku Priesthood to answer that question. Only those lucky enough to count themselves among their holy, anointed few can legitimize claims to otakuhood, blessing the chosen and scorning the unworthy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Re: From the Field Notes of Daryl Surat (Podcaster, Historian):

          The above post demonstrates a complete failure to get the joke.

          (Hint: listen to the end of the episode!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    So is it confirmed that Erin, Noah and Daryl Surat will be together again at NY Anime Fest? I’ve heard zero about this over at AWO.

    • “Together” is such a strong word. Daryl’s staying at our apartment, but he’s not going to share our artist’s alley table or anything.

      Daryl and I will be on the Otaku USA panel (but not Noah). That’s about it.

      AWO is weeks behind in posting stuff.

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  9. GhostOfSide3 says:

    In response to the guy from the audience of the panel: 7 years later and gaming community has flourished on the internet. Funny that Paul Chapman said, in response to hearing Korea had a gaming TV channel where they watch people play games, that he’d watch that all day. Now that seems to be a pretty popular thing thanks to people on YouTube and the like. I wonder if anyone saw that coming.

    Also, wicked shirts in the show notes there.

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