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What's a Promo? Podcasters play these mini-commercials within their own podcast shows to promote other podcasts that they like. Promos are usually one minute or less. If you are interested in doing a promo exchange, or you have a promo you wouldd like us to play on our show email us at ninjaconsultant@gmail.com.

Ninja Consultant Promo #1

Download it here. 1 minute 45 seconds.
"Running a ninja clan in the high tech world of the 20th century is serious business. Just one slip up and you can find your head nailed to the gate of a rival clan's village!"

Ninja Consultant Promo #2

Download it here. 59 seconds.
"You can train to be an otaku, or just sound like one. Can you draw this pirate?"

Anime World Order Promo for Ninja Consultant

Download it here. 54 seconds.
"Girls can't watch anime and be hardcore about it. Girls are too busy wasting their time watching My Little Pony, or sitting around pregnant and bleeding."